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Following a career within the operational management team of a variety of fall protection companies which lasted almost 20 years our managing director Alan Faulkner decided to leave and develop a business of his own.

Alan founded Beta Safety Systems in June 2006 with the express aim of helping people to create confidence when working at height. Alan began this process by working with companies that had a more diverse range of fall protection solutions than had been available to him in the past. Companies such as Honeywell, Uniline and Safety at Height were keen to work with a company like Beta Safety System that had a team with over 30 years combined experience in delivering working at height solutions.

The products available to us had been developed by companies who were recognised experts in the field of working at height and Alan was able to introduce our installation expertise into the picture as well. This allowed the development of a strong, vibrant business with a young and enthusiastic team.

ElliotIn the introduction of our Sales Director Dave Baker in 2009 gave an additional injection of enthusiasm and knowledge for the industry to a growing business. Dave continues to be a cornerstone of the ongoing development of our company.

One of our fundamental principles is that you don't have to compromise on design or safety due to economic pressures. We also believe in doing things right. We have seen installations done by others that continue to frustrate us as the majority of our industry is in tune with our principles. Some however aren't.

We believe that by challenging ourselves and our clients to think differently, innovate in ways that others have not considered, not compromise on standards and aim for a final solutions that exceeds everyone’s expectations that we are able to create the level of confidence that we and our clients aspire to. We think our approach not only helps us differentiate ourselves but also our clients from others that make promises but fail to deliver confidence in the end.

Alan and Dave love working for this company and we will continue to strive to be the recognised experts in what we do. We look forward to working with you at some point in the near future