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Fall Protection

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Class A1 and A2 - Single Anchor Points

These are structural anchors designed to be secured to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces, e.g. walls, columns, lintels. We can supply and install Fixed and removable systems suitable for most situations.

Class B - Transportable

Class B - Transportable are for works at height when there is no secure fixed anchorage point available. Systems are able to be rigged temporarily to provide point of attachment for PPE. Also can provide anchorage in situations when access is required to the facade e.g. roped access works are being undertaken.

Class C - Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifeline systems are attached to a structure via support posts or brackets. Travelling devices are used which allow the user to move along the system without the need for detaching. We have a choice of systems which allow us to install the best option for your situation.

Class D - Horizontal Rigid Rails

Product design and fixing centres reduce structural loading and increase horizontal rigid anchors rails ability to adapt to the building or structures tolerances, especially in weaker structures. We have a range of products in different materials for different environments.

Class E Deadweight Anchors

In the absence of collective fall protection systems, mobile man anchor systems are commonly used to make working at height much safer. The systems we provided are quick and easy to handle due to its modular construction and allow easy repositioning.

Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Ladders installed with safety cages offer workers little fall protection. Research shows that workers falling inside a caged ladder may suffer injuries if they fall. Vertical Fall Arrest Systems arrest a fall much more effectively and safely.

Demarcation Systems

Demarcation is an economic solution to delineate a safe working zone on a roof top or where access is required adjacent to a fall hazard. A typical application may be for preventing access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance or to provide safe access.

Guardrail Systems

The Working at Height Regulations set out a simple hierarchy for managing and selecting equipment for work at height which includes giving collective protection measures (e.g. guard rails) priority over personal protection measures (e.g. safety harnesses.