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Paterson Anchor
The Paterson RoofAnka provides a permanently fixed roof anchor points designed to promote safer working on roofs.

This product must be professionally installed by Beta Safety System engineers. Please call us on 01252 547277 or send us an enquiry to discuss this in more detail.

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Product Details
Designed for mounting to the slope of pitched roofs, the Paterson CE Approved Roofanka features a unique patented weather seal, and Patented Adjustable Pedestal.

The Paterson RoofAnka serves as a fall arrest anchor for the attachment of fall protection PPE and can also be used tosecure roof ladders, crawling boards and work platforms.

Paterson Roofanka can also be for use with horizontal lifeline systems to EN 795 and BS 7883 Class ‘C’, or as supports for single point anchor devices.

Principal features of the Paterson anchor:

•    Independently tested
•    Factor of safety of 2 within design.
•    Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
•    Adjustable to fit a wide range of roof trusses
•    CE approved
•    Correct model can be used for single person connection
•    Correct model designed for use within Class C horizontal lifeline
•    Cost effective installation
•    Weathering caps or cowls provided