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PPE/Rescue equipment
It can be quite a journey from original risk assessment for working at height to the completion of a project and the eventual use of the equipment and skills that you have brought in to your organisation and the environment that you have created.

The final phase for your working at height task will include a need for the more commonly known equipment that will allow the site to run safely and effectively.

Our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Ancillary PPE products support all our other Working at Height Systems

Assessing suitable PPE

To allow the right type of PPE to be chosen, carefully consider the different hazards in the workplace. This will enable you to assess which types of PPE are suitable to protect against the hazard and for the job to be done.

Ask us for advice on the different types of PPE available and how suitable they are for different tasks.

Our range of fall protection PPE products includes:

• Full body harnesses
• Lanyards
• Work Positioning systems
• Retractable Fall Arresters
• Karabiners and Connectors
• Horizontal Lifeline Travelling Devices
• Safety Helmets
• Rescue Equipment
• Confined Spaces Equipment
• Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Our Ancillary PPE products include:

• General Ladders
• Roof Ladders
• Fixed Platforms
• Ladder safety equipment
• Ladder Restraint Kits
• Kit Bags
• Rope Protectors
• Trauma Straps
• Tool lanyards

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