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Introduction to Beta Safety Systems by Alan Faulkner 

Beta Safety Systems by Alan Faulkner 

Do we claim to be the best like the rest of the industry? No.  
Do we claim to know everything about the fall protection industry?  
Do we claim to be the best and then leave you as soon as we win your order?  
I have worked hard since 2006 to create a company with intergrity and with a conscience and that is a difficult thing to do. I can tick all your boxes like the rest of them and make you feel like you have done your job but I believe anyone looking at this site wants more than that.  
We give you much more than a company that ticks your boxes and then leaves you to deal with the consequences of negligence.  
At Beta, I have a small company, but a company that bloody cares about you and about the teams that you manage. I have seen death and catastrophic injuries as a result of falls from height and that is an experience that I don’t want anyone else to have.  
That is why we don’t just tick boxes and make you feel like you have done all you think you need to do. We question it, we challenge you to design systems that aren’t just cheap or tick boxes but that make your team safe. Safe as houses! If you value your team and your integrity then use us. We deliver a service you will not be sorry that you used. 
After discussion with a number of suppliers, my company had access to a more diverse range of working at height solutions. The likes of 3M, Safety at Height and MCD all had highly experienced team members that worked with me to develop my own knowledge which was then used to provide the services we currently offer today. 
Over the years we have developed a strong, vibrant business with an enthusiastic and well trained team. Team members from past and present have helped to develop our business to where it is today. Our position now is that of being at the forefront of the fall protection industry in the UK. 

Design, safety and budget constraints 

One of my fundamental beliefs is that economic pressures and budget constraints should not lead to a compromise on design and safety. Cheapest should not be the driving force behind the selection of a working at height solution. 
The relationships we have built up with the likes of Portakabin, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and a number of internationally recognised Universities understand and agree with this principle. This has led to a recognition that the services and products we supply are some of the fall protection industries best although not the cheapest. 

Standards of service 

Our company continues to see installations done by other that frustrate us. The majority of our industry is in tune with our principles and has improved greatly over the years. Some however aren’t. 
We are striving to achieve a standard of service and knowledge that allows us to act as a role model for those within our industry and have our company name recognised as the experts to consider for your fall protection and working at height needs. 
My team and I look forward to working with you at some point in the near future. 
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