BS 7883:2019 Inspection 


Why inspect and maintain? 

To tick a box? To get a certificate that says everything is OK? Or to actually ensure that the systems you have are actually safe to use and suitable for your team. 
Most of the time it is the first 2 options and ‘tag slappers’ that will put a tag on a system and give you a certificate are ten a penny.  
The standard that we work to, BS 7883:2019, is looking to raise the bar on how fall protection systems are designed and installed and we are striving to meet the heady heights of hitting that ‘bar’. If you want a team that will actually ensure your systems and processes of work are safe then speak to us, if you simply want a box ticked and a ‘tag slapped’ then maybe we are not the company for you, but do you really want to take the risk of ignoring your statutory obligations? We do not believe that is the right way forward. 

There are 2 distinct elements to these inspection requirements: 

Inspection of Fall Protection Systems 

Regulation 16 within the working at height regulations confirms that the duty holder (e.g. building maintenance manager, building owner) has a responsibility to ensure that work equipment for working at height is appropriately inspected. 
This regulation is then further backed up by the following: 
BS 7883 – Code of Practice for application and use of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795 
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 
The Manufacturer’s recommendations 

Inspection of Personal Protective Equipment 

While there are no legislative requirements for PPE inspection, information produced by the HSE in the form of their guidance note INDG 361 – ‘Inspecting fall arrest equipment made from webbing or rope’ recommends that there is a detailed inspection at least every 6 months and for frequently used lanyards it is suggested that this is increased to at least every 3 months particularly when the equipment is used in arduous environments (e.g. demolition, steel erection, scaffolding, steel skeletal masts/towers with edges and protrusions). 
All of these detailed inspections should be recorded and held on file for inspection if required. 
Again this guidance is also backed up by the following: 
BS EN 365: 1993 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height 
The Manufacturer’s recommendations 

  Our inspection and maintenance team will help you manage your fall protection and access assets by providing:  

Inspection in accordance with BS 7883:2019 as far as reasonably practicable 
Support around issues arising from the application of the new British Standard 
Fully trained inspection technicians 
Detailed inspection and load testing (where applicable) 
Detailed load analysis information (where applicable) 
Photographic and documentary back up information 
Re-assurance that your assets are safe with inspection report or thorough examination reports 
Remedial action report in the event of a component or system failure 

BS 7883:2019 – Transition to Full Compliance 

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